Welcome Inspire Me Baby Readers!

Inspire Me Baby

I just wanted to extend a warm welcome to the readers visiting from Inspire Me Baby where I guest blogged about my photobooth setup.

My name is Jamie, and I’m a Madison, WI wedding photographer who loves to share what I know to help you grow your business. Spend some time poking around the site to find all the goodies – trust me, it’s worth it. If you’re interested, you can get to know me a little bit here.

If you’re really observant, you can also find me juggling somewhere on this site as well. Yes, I juggle. Kind of. It’s amusing.

Here’s a few of the “golden nuggets” I think you may find useful (besides the juggling act):

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P.S. If you want bonus points, leave a comment below introducing yourself and sharing your hidden super-hero talent. We’ve all got at least one – so spill it. Super-duper “you’re awesome forever” points to the people who create their own juggling video (or attempt at juggling) and post a link to it below. I’ll even send you a free copy of the pricing guide workbook if you post your juggling video before midnight EST on Wednesday May 18th.

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7 Responses to Welcome Inspire Me Baby Readers!

  1. My other super-hero talent? I can ride a unicycle. I’ll prove it via video once I get the intertube replaced.  It hasn’t been used much the last few years as it seemed like a bad idea to try unicycling while pregnant. :)

    • AWESOME! I’d suggest loading it to youtube or vimeo and then posting the link here. If you use one of these services, I’ll embed them here for you.

      I admit that I’m rather excited. I love people willing to go out of their way to have a little fun! :) Can’t wait to see it!

  2. I wasnt able to post it on time! Dang it! Got stuck at the airport waiting on my husbands delayed flight. :0( Dang weather. Hopefully you got some other entertaining ones!