Black Friday and Cyber Monday Photography Deals

It’s time for our annual Black Friday through Cyber Monday Photography Deals! Best time of the year to save some money and help buy some tools to make more money in your photography business. This year, I am giving away an iMac plus a bunch of my favorite business tools to show how thankful I […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Start a Photography Business?

Let’s face the facts: there are a lot of people “pretending” to be professional photographers without having actually started a legal photography business. They get a camera, start a Facebook page, and start shooting their friends and family for little or nothing in the hopes that they can “test the waters” before actually starting a […]

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Black Friday Deals for Photographers From Around The Web

Black Friday. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s the start of holiday shopping for the United States that gets a bit crazy. There are crazy 1-day sales that are lower than anything you’ve ever seen for the rest of the year, so it’s a great time to pick up some of the things you’ve […]

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5 Reasons Why ProDPI Should Be Your Professional Photography Lab of Choice


It was one of those phone calls you never want to get. Some of our best friends called us late at night because they lost their young daughter unexpectedly to SIDS. One of the things they eventually asked us to help with was to get some photos printed for the funeral that was just a […]

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5 Travel Tips for Photographers

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I travel a bit for work. And by a bit, I mean that in the past four months I’ve shot weddings in  Santiago (Chile)  Buenos Aires (Argentina)  Richmond (Virginia, USA)  San Francisco (California, USA)  Lyon (France)  Surrey (England) Hershey (Pennsylvia, USA) I will be finishing up this streak of destination (for me) weddings with one […]

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Professional Camera Gear: What’s in My Bag (Canon Edition)

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This guest post was written by Molly Michel of m three studio. First and foremost, Jamie did a great job explaining how your gear matters, but not as much as your skills and own artistic input in creating great photos. If you missed that discussion, please click over and read that first. I agree with […]

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Camera Gear We Can’t Live Without: What’s in Our Bags (Nikon Edition)

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By far the most common question we’re asked by people who are starting a photography business is what camera gear we use for shoots. Let’s just get this out of the way. It’s not about our camera gear. It’s about our vision, our understanding of how to use our gear to get amazing shots, and […]

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Top 8 Essential Things to Buy When Starting a Photography Business

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It takes money to make money. That being said, some things will make you more money and get your business off the ground a lot faster than others. You’ll find that some purchases end up being a waste of money, and when you’re first starting out it’s easy to make those regrettable purchases. So here’s […]

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