Top 10 Must-Read Blogs for Pro Photographers in 2013

Best Photograph Blogs 2013

As a photography business owner, you don’t have the time to search the internet high and low and find the best photography blogs out there.

With more blogs starting out every day, I wanted to present you with a list of the best photography business blogs with the best advice, products, and the ones worth subscribing to and reading each time they post. This is the third annual list, and I’ve used a super-secret rating algorithm to give you only the best.

This year, I’ve decided to only include blogs in the Top 10 list that specifically help you grow your business. If they don’t talk about the business of photography at all, they weren’t considered. And while I think this blog (The Modern Tog) is the best, I thought it’d be biased to include myself on the list, ha! So only other blogs were considered.

It was incredibly hard to narrow it down to just 10 photography business blogs, but I’ve painstakingly done so to bring you only the best. These blogs will help you make more money, get more clients, and learn how to best run a photography business.

Top 10 Must-Read Blogs for Photographers for 2013

To make the most out of this list, I highly recommend signing up to follow them via email so you never miss a post. They are that awesome, and the time you spend reading and then implementing will seriously help your business.

psychology for photographers

1. Psychology for Photographers

Psychology for Photographers takes the #1 spot for the second year in a row! Her posts explain the psychology behind her advice, making it super useful for growing your business. She’s also got an incredible ebook that will help you turn your website into a client-magnet (and will help you make your entire business more effective, not just your website. It’s that good). Truly one of the best ebooks on the market that will make you way more money than you’ll spend on it. Not surprising with how awesome her blog is.

Photo Mint

2. PhotoMint

Lara White’s passion for helping photographers grow their business comes from her experience in running a high-end wedding photography business. Her blog posts contain valuable advice and are worth listening to. Her e-book “Get Connected: Build Relationships to Drive Your Business” tells you all her secrets about how they got 70% of their inquiries each year and is highly valuable (and a rarely-used method, making it even more useful).

photography concentrate blog

3. Photography Concentrate

Rob & Lauren are amazing at putting up concentrated posts full of useful information for photographers. They are incredibly talented at teaching, and their tutorial products are both thorough and yet broken down into easy steps making learning a breeze. I highly recommend checking out their amazing freebies plus their fabulous tutorials, such as Awesome Album Design Skills, Extremely Essential Camera Skills, and Simple Wedding Photography.

Photography Spark Blog

4. Photography Spark

Photography Spark was started by Zach Prez just a few months ago and already promises to be fantastic. With long, meaty posts that give practical tips and tutorials, you won’t find any fluff here. Check out his free ebook about getting more online traffic as well as the blog.

The Law Tog Blog

5. The Law Tog

Rachel Brenke, Photographer and Lawyer (and all around awesome person!) shares legal advice specifically for photographers. Besides sharing valuable info on her blog, she created a free ebook with legal advice that every photographer should know. She also has contracts and other helpful business stuff in her law shop.

Elizabeth Halford Blog

6. Elizabeth Halford

Elizabeth Halford is a portrait photographer in the UK who writes very helpful tips for photographers. She’s great at taking technical concepts like focal length and bit depth and yet also fabulous about tackling the personal issues we face as well.


7. Tiffinbox

Seshu’s Tiffinbox is an incredible site that is full of resources and has input from photographers around the world on it. He’s not afraid to shake things up, such as with this post called “On Chasing Rainbows and Unicorns” (which was written by a local colleague of mine). Definitely a site worth following.

tofurious blog

8. Tofurious

Lawrence is downright brilliant for the amazing posts he publishes. He’s great at making you think (and making you hungry!) and we have increased our average wedding booking price significantly from changes I made because of what I learned in his Creative Pricing & Packaging ebook. He also released an SEO book to help photographers get FOUND online by people looking to hire a photographer. Good stuff.

Ground Glass Blog

9. Ground Glass

I found Ground Glass because Jenika from Psychology for Photographers interviewed Spencer Lum, the blog writer, for her awesome ebook about website design. He’s a smart guy with some really great information, and he’s not afraid to tell it like it is. His tagline is “Like a kick in the pants, only wordier” and it fits perfectly. No sugar-coatings here, so head over only if you can handle hearing the truth.

Brand Camp Blog

10. Brand Camp Blog

Kristen Kalp makes me swoon with jealousy when I read her writing. Seriously, she knows writing, branding, business and how to bring it all together to make your photography business thrive like crazy. Lately she’s been writing more and more about lifestyle changes and being a better version of yourself in addition to the great business advice she shares, giving her blog a more wholistic approach to business.

Honorable Mentions

best photography blogs 2013

There’s a few extra blogs that I couldn’t resist giving honorable mentions to, since they didn’t fit into the category above or were a bit too “niche” for me to put into my big list for everyone. Here goes:

Neil Van Niekerk Blog

1. Neil Van Niekerk: Tangents

Neil doesn’t specifically talk about the business side of things, but his flash tutorials will help you make more gorgeous photos and move you past the “I specialize in natural light” (because you don’t know how to use flash) to being comfortable in any lighting situation. His Flash Photography Techniques series is how I learned to make flash look good, on or off camera. I recommend it to anyone.

foto seeds blog create sustainably

2. Fotoseeds

Fotoseeds have a bit of business advice, but lots of general photography info as well. I’d have liked to have seen more business advice to put them in the Top 10, because frankly, with info like this Create Sustainable Photography Businesses infographic, I know the business stuff they’d share would be spot-on.

photocrati blog review

3. Photocrati

Photocrati is actually a company that sells websites for photographers, but their blog contains a few business posts here and there that are excellent as well as several posts specifically about website help. It’s worth following. You’ll also find some of my advice featured in their free ebook, Supercharge Your Photography Website.

Boudie Shorts Blog

4. Boudie Shorts

Boudie Shorts has tons of great business ideas, but they are specifically for boudoir photographers. From free posing guides to awesome marketing materials, it’s a great resource for any boudoir photographer. The only reason this blog didn’t make the Top 10 was because it’s so specific to the boudoir market. Molly Marie (the author of the blog) is really a brilliant marketer, so I highly recommend it to all boudoir photographers out there.

Still want more great photography tips & resources?

This is the third annual list of best blogs, so you can always go back and check out my picks for best photography blogs of 2012 and best photography blogs of 2011.

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Full disclosure, many of the links above are affiliate links, however this was not a factor in determining rankings.

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  1. Thanks for the recognition Jamie! Honored to be on this list which such great websites.

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to put together this awesome list of blogs, Jamie! Your top three are my top three too! I was happy to find out about some others that I haven’t visited yet! As always, I appreciate your posts.