The Modern Tog Reader Survey


Hey there, you ROCK! Thanks for being willing to help me out by sharing your opinions! I appreciate it so much.

I will be using the responses to help me better understand what you want to know when it comes to growing your photography business so that I can make sure that the stuff I publish on my blog and exclusive email newsletter is as helpful as possible for you.

As a way to show my appreciation for your thoughtful responses (and your time since this will take approximately 10-15 min to complete), you’ll receive my new upcoming product for free, called the Dream Big Yearly Goal Planner. This will help you plan for success in 2015.

Please note, the Dream Big Yearly Goal Planner is still in production and is expected to be available before the end of the year. As soon as you finish the survey, you will receive instructions about how it will be delivered to you, so make sure to read that before closing the page.

Finally, please note that the free Dream Big Yearly Goal Planner will only be available as a free gift for filling out the survey for a very limited time. I will be closing down the survey after just a few days or sooner if I get enough responses before then.

Thanks much! Click the link in the yellow box to start the survey.