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writeFirst off, thank you for your interest in helping other photographers here on The Modern Tog!

The Modern Tog’s goal is to help photographers to start and grow their businesses. We value the photography community and love to hear your tips and stories!

Important! Guest Posts cannot be sent via email. You MUST use the form below or it won’t be considered (and you likely won’t get a response back at all). Thanks for understanding!

What gets published

We’re specifically looking for content that will be useful to our readers and their businesses. We love it when you use your personal story to illustrate your points and ask that you include at least one image. We also ask that the content be written exclusively for use on The Modern Tog and not have been published or submitted to other places in the same form (including your own blog, both before and after publishing it).

Submissions will be reviewed and accepted at our discretion. We reserve the right to edit posts, although if major editing is required we’ll send it back to you with our suggestions. Your submission may be denied if it lacks relevancy to our site and our readers, is not unique in its content, if we’ve recently published many articles about that same topic or simply because we have too many posts at the time you submit. We’ll let you know either way if we intend to publish it.


Not a photographer? Please note that we do not accept unsolicited posts that link to your own product, service, or business within the post content itself. If you are looking to advertise or be promoted on The Modern Tog, please contact me directly first.

Image requirements

We only use images that you have taken yourself or that have been released under a Creative Commons license for use from Flickr or a free stock image from Dreamstime. If you use your own images, we may request a non-watermarked version if we feel your watermark is too distracting. The first image will be displayed to the right-size of the intro (see the homepage of this blog for examples). I will likely add text to the first image to make it more likely to be pinned on Pinterest and may crop it to fit better if needed. Images should be no more than 650px wide. Please note that I will need to know where every image comes from.


Please include a 2-3 sentence byline telling us a bit about yourself, your website, and where you dream of taking a vacation. The byline brings you free exposure and makes things more personal for our readers. You may link to one website and up to three social media profiles. This will go at the end of your post. Please include a headshot sized to no more than 120 pixels wide. Logos will not be accepted.

If your article is published….

Finally, if your article is published, I ask that you’d respond to comments during the first week after it’s published and share a link to it on your social media sites. If you’ll be out of town or something where you can’t respond quickly, let me know so I can respond instead. People really love engaging with the author, and this is a community, so I’m only willing to accept posts from authors who are willing to invest in the community.

So, here’s what you’ll need in order to be accepted:

1. A business-related article that gives at least one concrete tip to help grow photography businesses. Posts that are most likely to be published will usually explain why this tip is something they should do and will keep the benefit to the reader as the main point of the post, and generally are beyond just a basic quick and easy tip.

2. Content that is easily scannable, so break up your content into smaller paragraphs, write an intro to the post, and use headers to describe each section. (See my posts for examples).

3. At least one image for the post that you have permission to use, with a link that credits the source. I will likely add text to the first image to make it more apt to be pinned on Pinterest and may crop it to fit better if needed.

4. A call to action at the end of the post, generally to leave a comment related to something in the post or engage on the site in some other way. This is not required, but is highly recommended. I’ll likely add it if you omit it.

5. A byline as described above, with a headshot.

Extra Credit: I especially love it when you link back to other posts on The Modern Tog that may be relevant to your article. It’s not necessary, and don’t just put stuff that isn’t relevant, but if it fits you’re more likely to be published. Thanks!

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  • Titles should state a clear benefit to the reader to be most compelling.
  • Please state where images, links, and headers should go. The easiest way to format posts with links and images and such is to write them in your own WordPress post editor WITHOUT publishing it and then copy and paste the html from the html editor into this form (see the tab at the top right of where you write your post - click html to get the code)The Modern Tog uses H2 headers for subheaders in the post. Don't forget to include a byline at the end about you with links back to your site in it.
  • At least one image is required, and you must have permission to use the image. Please put the credit for the image in the description box.
  • More than 1 image is optional. Please put the credit for the image in the description box.
  • More than 1 image is optional. Please put the credit for the image in the description box.
  • More than 1 image is optional. Please put the credit for the image in the description box.
    If you need to send me more images for the post content, I'll email you prior to publishing the post if it is accepted and will get the images from you in that way.
  • Put credit for the image into the description. This image is just for the byline and should be of you, if you choose to use one. Thanks.
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