Black Friday and Cyber Monday Photography Deals

It’s time for our annual Black Friday through Cyber Monday Photography Deals! Best time of the year to save some money and help buy some tools to make more money in your photography business. This year, I am giving away an iMac plus a bunch of my favorite business tools to show how thankful I […]

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How to Create Facebook Ads that Get You Photography Clients

facebook ads for photographers that work

The majority of Facebook ads are a waste of money for photographers. But not all. Before you can create effective ads, you need to understand what makes them a waste of money so that you don’t keep throwing it away, hoping that somehow you’ll get a few clients somewhere. So let’s talk about the mistakes […]

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How to Move Your Photography Business to a New Location

Moving to a new location is hard enough, but when it comes to moving your photography business, it is especially challenging. We just moved to a new state about 400 miles away from our old town, which means we get to completely re-start our photography business in a brand new place with no word-of-mouth or […]

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Will Your Photography Business Survive In 2014? 13 Predictions For The New Year


The Photography Industry is in the midst of a huge change. I’ve seen several well-established photography studios close while new, talented photographers rise up to replace them in non-conventional ways. I’ve seen a shift in what clients are looking for and what’s important to them. And more than anything, I’m seeing that marketing efforts that […]

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The Secret to Running a Successful Senior Photography Business

By Jen Basford of Seniors Ignite Like me, I’m sure you hear these things all the time: ‘The senior portrait industry is dead.’ ‘You can’t make a living doing senior pictures.’ ‘Everyone has a camera now and I can’t compete with their low prices – they are putting me out of business.’ And so on. […]

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10 Reasons Why Your Mini Sessions Fail (and How to Rock Them)!

Mini-sessions, or smaller-than-normal photography sessions, are often touted as a great way to get new clients in the door and introduce people to the custom photography experience. Yet I know of lots of photographers who open up a set of mini-sessions and then can’t fill them. Then there are others who fill their sessions, but […]

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Show Up Higher In Search Results Using Google Local

Google Local For Photographers

Think about how many new clients you’d be able to get if your website showed up as the first result when people were looking for a photographer. Seems impossible with all the competition out there, but this post is going to give you one of the most useful tools out there to have the best […]

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Facebook’s New Promotional Guidelines & What it Means for Your Photography Business

facebook promotional guidelines 2013

Believe it or not, this is a Facebook change that you’re going to like. Since Facebook went public as a company, they’ve instituted a boatload of changes to make it harder to market your business on a Facebook page without paying for promotion. Yes, you still get some free exposure, but they took something that […]

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Shoot and Burn vs. Shoot and Share:
How to Make Money in an Increasingly Mobile-Based Marketplace

Thanks for watching this live webinar replay with Nate Grahek of StickyAlbums and myself as we explore the best way to share images, get new clients, and still make money when people are becoming more and more tied to their mobile devices. In this free webinar replay, we talk about Is it okay to sell […]

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How To Keep From Screwing Up When Photographing an Important Wedding

wedding photography tips

This is a guest post by wedding photographer Laura Novak. How many of you tend to feel nervous the morning of a wedding? Do you check your batteries and chargers at least a dozen times, or panic trying to remember if there is gas in your car? Maybe you second-guess yourself on your start time, […]

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7 Warning Signs That Your Search Engine Skills Are Outdated

SEO for Photographers

This is a guest post by SEO Expert Zach Prez. Ranking in search is a huge factor that can put a local small business in the photography industry on the path to success. Search is huge to the tune of $80 billion — that’s how much economic activity Google generated for U.S. businesses in 2011. […]

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